• oxygen inhalator

Oxygen Inhalator


Purpose: It is mainly equipped with the oxygen supply system of the medical center, which is used for oxygen inhalation by medical units for emergency oxygen supply and hypoxia patients, as well as devices for inhalation flow control of scientific research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises. The oxygen inhaler has accurate flow, convenient and safe use. It is a necessary instrument for oxygen treatment of patients in the emergency room and ward of the hospital working principle: The function of oxygen inhaler is to provide continuous and constant pressure and flow of oxygen for patients. The plug-in oxygen inhaler uses its own pressure reducing device to reduce the high pressure in the oxygen cylinder (15Mpa when the cylinder is full) to the low pressure suitable for human use (0.2~0.2Mpa), and then outputs it to the human body after being wetted by water. Because the input pressure of the wall-plug oxygen inhaler is 0.2~0.4Mpa, it does not need to decompress, and it can be directly output to the human body to maintain human health.

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